4 Pack -Burlap Bags - Large Bag red Ribbon Mouth, Christmas-Bag 13-14 inch by 27 inch, Wedding Party Favor Gift Bags, saco de arpillera

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HIGH QUALITY: Our burlap sacks 4 pcs pack - are made by heavy duty seam stitching to withstand heavy weight and it is known for its durability. These sacks naturally have a distinct scent Eco-friendly: 100% Eco-friendly, disposable sacks made from fine quality natural jute burlap. They are safe for storing food grain items in a cool dry place. USES: Burlap sacks can be used in gardening, storage, home decors and they are made up the breathable fabric so it can be used to store vegetable. These jute sacks can be to cover plants during bad weather and winter for frost protection. These can be used in parties to entertain kids by using it in the gunny sack and other games.