Ancient sheet matrimonial in Linen with Two Pillowcases All Embroidered by hand- show original title

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old and precious bed sheet matrimonial in linen with lace and handmade embroidery, lacework perforated and embroidery ancient point and filaments removed by hand, full point, original embroidered in Naples Italy 1920, it was great bridal set, linen fabric of Italian production
Sheet of linen with 2 pillowcases, all embroidered by hand,

Is really a precious bedspread, by true connoisseurs,
Its low price, is a gift to the one who buys it. Its actual price is three times higher

see with love the attached photos to make account of what yes buy
from the story that comes in your home,  is in very good condition -
for his long life, it brings with it a speckle of yellowish color
Maybe it was hidden the key of the pantry

We acquired a old, precious and extraordinary collection of antique linens from an South estate. The noble origins family , that is, the new generation ... sold the beautiful grandmother's kit
We picked the finest pieces from the collection to present and share the love...obsession for handwork.

Sumptuous cut open embroidery, they do not find it so beautiful nowadays, completely handmade is a triumph of motifs and needle lace in the top edge
Lace in lays ( made by hand) add even more spectacularity to this beautiful vintage piece,that still today shows all its fresh beauty

measures of the sheet matrimonial
length and width of mm 2850 x mm2600  =  inch 112,2 x 102,36

measures of the pillowcases external
length and width of mm 880 x mm920  =  inch 34.65 x 36.22

measures of the pillowcases internal
length and width of mm 500 x mm750  =  inch 19.69 x 29.53