High Quality Antique French Linen Pillowcase With Monogram “B.G” - Read Descrip.

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This pillowcase is rare and is very high-quality antique french linen/cotton. It has never been used at all. The dimensions are 75 by 75 cm. I was recently looking in my attic in my apartment in France since my family is French, and found a trunk full of these! I did some research and found out that these were made by my great grandmother in this same apartment, as she worked as a seamstress for Lanvin, a well-known French designer company known for their high quality sewing products. This pillowcase is truly the finest you will find and is straight from my French family in France. It has the classic French embroidery as well, with the monogram "B.G" sewn on the front. This is a very high quality pillowcase that will last you decades! Let me know if you'd like pictures of the other styles I've got! Other than this, contact me with any custom requests regarding the pillowcase, or questions of any kind! There are more French linen and cotton pieces on my eBay (Bedsheets and towels)! Thanks for looking!