Minions Personalized Ceramic Coffee Mug - 11oz - Perfect Gift Idea for Birthday, Valentines Day, Gift for Housewarming Party or any Occasions

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Color: Minions

Bijouland - Minions Personalized Ceramic Coffee Mug 11oz

This isn't just a mug... It's exclusive. There wouldn't be a more confidence-boosting inscription than this, and what better way could there be to start your day? This Premium Quality Original Glassware mug from BijouLand Inc. is an ideal accessory for your home and is exclusively designed to highlight an infusion of durability and style. Having a drink is one thing, having it from a stylish customized glassware is another, and this humorously exciting mug features the exquisite properties required to make you keep it close always. Whether you decide to keep it at home, the office, dorm, or even as a gift to someone; you would be safe in the knowledge that you are always making a statement of class and luxury with this exclusive BijouLand Inc. mug around you.


  • Original Premium Quality Glassware specially crafted from highly-polished ceramics, to ensure increased durability and all-year-round turgidity.
  • An 11-ounce/325ml depth makes it perfect for drinking your favorite drinks such as coffee, juice, tea, and of course your specially made favorite home drinks
  • Special large C-Handle grip design, which creates perfect ease and makes it absolutely comfortable to hold while having a drink.
  • Absolutely microwave and dishwasher safe, therefore you don't have to keep having second thoughts as to whether your mug is going to splint, crack, or get broken in the microwave or dishwasher.
  • An ideal choice gift item to surprise your friends and loved ones during those memorable events such as Birthdays, Father’s day, Mother’s Day, Back to School, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving Day.
  • Arrives with a seal of the BijouLand Inc. assurance of Premium Quality. Made in USA.