VictoryStore Can and Beverage Coolers: Neoprene Customizable “Two Less Fish In The Sea” Nautical Wedding Can Coolers - 100pc

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Celebrate this joyful event with our amazing Neoprene Customizable “Two Less Fish In The Sea” Nautical Wedding Can Coolers. This set comes complete with 100 Can Coolers that are customizable with the name and date! This set features our “Two Less Fish In The Sea” quote with nautical anchor and boat design. Our one of a kind design is perfect for adding a lovely touch to this wonderful event. Our Can Coolers hold 12 oz cans or bottles. The beverage coolers feature a white outer surface adhered to inner neoprene (TM) rubber insulator that is foldable with sew seams and slotted bottom. Each item in this set is washable!

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