Viking Drinking Horn Mugs Cup Tankard By Bhartiya Handicrafts | Game of thrones Tankard For beer mead wine ale | Authentic Drink Mug with Medieval Burlap Gift Sack (Style Seven, Large 16 oz)

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Color: Style Seven  |  Size: Large 16 oz

The Bhartiya Handicrafts Tankard 16 to 20 oz. Authentic Horn Viking Mug/Tankard Our Viking drinking mugs will bring you back to the medieval ages giving you a Heroic feel. Enjoy your beer or any favorite drink in our specially crafted mugs and get a feel of our Ancestor's Lifestyle ! Our 100% natural, handcrafted Ox horn mugs will serve as a perfect and usable replica of a Viking drinking mug. Size: Standing at over 6’’ tall, and holding approx 16 to 20 oz you get Extra large sized mugs to flaunt in your kitchen. you can fill it with large amounts of your favorite ale and be enjoy like they did at the table in the medieval times! Authenticity: Our product is 100% authentic, unique, and awesome. It serves as a perfect gift for any lover of the medieval or viking ages!